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Environmental Health Brexit Guidance

The Council's Environmental Health Team is here to help you with Brexit and how it may affect your business

The Council's Environmental Health Team can provide you with help and advice as your business prepares for Brexit. Find full information on the services offered by the Environmental Health team 

Consumer Protection Team

Consumer Protection involves ensuring goods on sale to the public are safe for their intended use. The responsibility to supply safe consumer goods applies from the manufacturer down to the retailer. This means, that products being sold should comply with any relevant legislation.

Legal requirements are the same whether you supply goods from a premises, home, a stall or via online platforms.

If you make, import, distribute or sell consumer products in the UK, you are responsible for making sure they are safe for consumers to use and you follow the legal requirements in relation to labelling.

The General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR) require all products to be safe in their normal or reasonably foreseeable usage and enforcement authorities have powers to take appropriate action when this obligation isn’t met.

There are also specific regulations for some product sectors, setting out essential safety requirements. Where there’s crossover with the GPSR, the product-specific legislation usually takes precedence.

Regulation aims to ensure an adequate degree of protection for consumers, workers and the environment, while supporting prosperity and economic growth by promoting fair competition.

Support for businesses under regulated entities helps the business to grow, create new jobs, while allowing for expansion to new markets and trade possibilities.

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