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Where is the best place to establish your growing business? And what are you getting into when you commit to a particular location?   

The answer to these questions is influenced by your business type and size. Perhaps a virtual office would suit your needs so that you no longer have to use your home address? Or maybe you’ve outgrown your commercial premise? Alternatively, you may want to consider renovating you current location

Whichever it is, you need to give the decision careful thought and planning.

Commercial premises finder

Find out about local commercial premises online with Property Pal, Property News and Invest NI.


After consideration you’ve decided that the premise you’re in has the perfect location and your customers know you’re there. Problem is, it’s just not big enough but there is room for expansion. If you decide to renovate existing premises it is your responsibility to determine whether the works you wish to carry out require planning permission. The council’s Planning department can provide help and guidance.

Need more information on getting the right location?

Our Business Researcher, Rowena Moore, can help you whether you want to take advantage of our property search services or if you need more information on your options.