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Meet the team

Our focus is business success through economic growth in the Ards and North Down Borough.

Susie McCullough

Director of Regeneration, Development and Planning
The Regeneration, Development and Planning Directorate incorporates Regeneration, Economic Development, Tourism and Planning sections. As director, Susie is responsible for regeneration projects, public realm schemes, business support, economic development, tourism development, enforcement and planning.

Economic Development forms part of the Regeneration Development and Planning Directorate within Council and reflects the integrated approach we take towards growing a sustainable economy and working to create more and better-quality jobs across Ards and North Down. 

Clare McGill
Head of Economic Development  

As Head of Economic Development Clare's role is to help create the environment for businesses to set up, grow and thrive. It involves seeking out appropriate collaborations and ensuring we optimise our budgets by leveraging funding opportunities, delivering services in partnership and working to deliver outcomes so that all within the borough can benefit from a prosperous economy.

Economic Development

Karine McGuckin
Economic Development Manager

Karine is responsible for the overall management of the economic development programmes including; leveraging EU funding, identifying new projects and funding streams and liaising with strategic partners and agencies.

Paula Ault
Business Development Executive

Paula is responsible for the planning, management and delivery of Business Support programmes. Other support services Paula manages include; business advice, 1-1 mentoring and business appraisals.

Maura Bettes

Economic Development Officer

Start your business growth journey with Maura. Responsible for the planning, management and delivery of Start-Up programmes, Maura identifies sources of funding and resources for the business community.

Sharyn McMaster
Assistant Economic Development Officer

Sharyn helps with the planning, management and delivery of designated economic development projects including the Northern Ireland Business Start-up Programme. Sharyn also provides advice and assistance for local businesses to help identify development opportunities and sources of funding.

Tory Killen
Business Research Service

Tory is responsible for the market research service.  Duties include the sourcing and gathering of market intelligence including developing marketing/customer databases tailored to individual needs, statistical analysis, providing information on business support programmes, business opportunity profiles and business templates. In addition, she provides support in the organisation and delivery of the annual events programme.

Nicola Webster-Pickett
Business Facilities Officer

Nicola is responsible for the marketing and sales of the Signal Centre. This includes the promotion and advertising of the Centre as well as ensuring the efficient and effective use of the facilities to maximise potential. Nicola deals directly with clients, advising and quoting on the services available, providing event support and managing the daily operations of the building.

Grace Gamble
Finance Officer

Karen Lennie/Lisa Travers
Administrative Assistants (Job Share)

Development Projects

Alison Stobie
Development Projects Manager

Jayne Taylor
Development Projects Officer

Niall Drew

Creative and Digital Officer