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Your business type and needs will determine where you set up shop. But how do you scout out that perfect spot?

Where is the best place to establish your new business? And what are you getting into when you commit to a particular location?

The optimum location for your business will depend on the type and size of business you’re running. Working from home may be a viable option for some business owners, but others will require commercial premises. Maybe you need to rent space on an ad hoc basis or perhaps a virtual office would suit your requirements?

Commercial Premises Finder

If you are considering setting up in commercial premises, draw up a 'property spec' sheet and list all the features you are looking for. Note which aspects of the spec are essential, and which are just desirable. A good specification sheet will stop you wasting time looking at premises which are non-starters.

We offer a free service to assist businesses to find suitable premises in Ards and North Down - please contact our Business Researcher Rowena Moore for further information:

You can also find out about local commercial premises online with Property Pal, Property News and Invest NI.

Starting at Home

For some types of businesses, the best option is to run your start-up from home. However, there are a number of factors to consider before doing so.

Apart from issues of isolation and disturbing your work/life balance, working from home has other practical consequences. It could affect your home insurance, mortgage and tax situation and you may also be required to obtain specific permissions and licenses.

It’s a good idea to check with some of the agencies listed below before setting up at home:

  • The Environmental Health team within Ards and North Down Borough Council or the Health & Safety Executive NI.
  • The Planning team within Ards and North Down Borough Council to check if planning permission is needed.
  • A solicitor to check legal aspects.
  • Your mortgage lender or landlord.
  • Insurance provider.
  • Land and Property Services to see if business rates will apply.
  • HM Revenue & Customs and an accountant to understand you income and tax position.

Visit NI Business Info for a comprehensive guide on setting up at home. Alternatively email us or call 0300 013 3333 (ext 40956).