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Executive Decisions 13 May 2021

The Northern Ireland Executive have agreed further restrictions and dates for these relaxations

Reopen unlicensed and licensed premises indoors with mitigations

The Executive has previously indicated that hospitality will re-open fully, with mitigations, on 24 May.  This will be subject to a ratification decision on 20 May. 

Conditions are:

  • Children under 12 are not counted in the 6
  • Table service only
  • More will be permitted if all are from one household, to a maximum of 10.
  • All contact details must be taken and retained.
  • Social distancing required – minimum of 1m.
  • Must stay at table – no gaming machines, pool tables, etc.;
  • Face coverings must be worn once no longer seated for any reason, for example, to go to the toilet
  • No meal requirement
  • No dancing
  • No live music
  • Music must be at ambient level to permit normal conversation
  • Risk assessment as per current regulations for outdoors

Reopen the remainder of Tourist Accommodation

The indoor licenced areas will be covered as above.

The other conditions that will apply are:

  • All contact details must be taken and retained
  • Rooms/accommodation area booking in line with the permission re indoor domestic settings/bubbles
  • Shared facilities will reopen
  • Meeting rooms will be reopened - capacity will be to risk assessment maximum. 

Post wedding and civil partnership events:

  • Risk assessment for capacity
  • No restriction on top table
  • Other tables maximum of ten (no household restriction)
  • Children under 12 excluded from table numbers
  • One dance permitted for the couple
  • Music same as for licenced venues

Other hospitality events e.g. gala dinners, functions, ticketed or not:

  • Capacity to risk assessment maximum.
  • Subject to other indoor hospitality requirements e.g. table seating, contact details, music etc.
  • Conference facilities in tourism sector – the closure will be removed from the Regulations to allow use for other purposes to risk assessment capacity.

Allow visits indoors in Domestic Settings

  • 6 people from no more than 2 households
  • Does not include children under 12
  • Can be more if household has more than 6, but not more than 10
  • Overnight stays permitted

Indoor visitor attractions - includes amusement arcades, bingo halls, museums, galleries and cinemas.

  • Social distancing
  • Risk assessment to maximum capacity
  • All contact details must be taken and retained

Resume indoor group exercise and training in numbers limited to suit the venue - includes soft play areas, leisure centres, gyms, swimming pools, equestrian centres, venues relating to motor sport and activity centres.

  • Social distancing
  • Risk assessment to maximum capacity
  • All contact details must be taken and retained

The Executive also announced further relaxations from 24 May including:

Increase numbers permitted for indoor gatherings, (not including domestic settings), to those permitted by a risk assessment or the venue.  This will allow the resumption of community events, such as mother and toddler groups.  Where the gathering is of more than 15 people, it must be an organised gathering with a risk assessment.

Libraries will re-open and provide limited in-library services in line with permitted gathering numbers. 

Full return to outdoor sports

And from the 21 June they have agreed to remove the restriction on audiences in seated theatres and concert halls and other venues and to the return of conferences and exhibitions. These decisions will be subject to review in June.