Buy Social For A Better World

Ards and North Down Borough Council will be supporting this initiative and encourages social enterprises across the Borough to get involved and shout out about the impact they are having on the local community.

Social Enterprise UK has launched the ‘Buy Social for a Better World’ campaign, designed to celebrate the incredible difference being made by social enterprises. 
Running from 7–12 October, the message of the campaign is a simple one, that when you buy from social enterprises you create a positive impact. It’s a chance for social enterprises to raise their profile and show that another way of doing business is possible which is rooted in community benefit and shine a spotlight on this movement of business for good.
To support this campaign, Ards and North Down Borough Council will be running a ‘Social Spotlight Campaign’ which will showcase local social enterprises throughout the week.
We would encourage you to run a promotion during this week, engage your customers to share stories about why they buy from or work with you and celebrate the campaign on social media.


Buy Social for a Better World


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