Business Growth Strategy - Do you remember your first Chemistry experiment? 

By Dave McClements, Managing Director, Core Consulting.

Strategic Growth - What it means and what it means doing

I have been in business growth adviser for nearly 25 years so we’ll not try and guess my age as I recall my first chemistry experiment. Given a large beaker of salt water we had to determine how much salt was in it - a boring task of boiling and boiling the water over a bunsen burner to the point where only the salt remained. What percentage of the salt water was actually salt?
In determining business strategy a similar amount of work has to be applied. Techniques and tools can be used to boil off the salt water but in the end you still need a simple answer. How to do that is something that we will be covering in the forthcoming Masterclass on 20 March 2020 entitled Strategic Growth - What it means and what it means doing. This will include us looking at the following complicated areas and if they can be simplified to form a business strategy - or sometimes what we call it “choices”.
Marketing and sales - how to simplify the markets that you are targeting and taking a pragmatic view on how to sell to them;
People - recognising business success relies on how we choose to spend our time – we’re going to need more people to make this a success. Businesses do not grow without employing people before we need them.
Operations – Figuring out and concentrating on what is important and using objective measurements and processes to ensure we are fitter than the competition.
Finance - understanding that businesses are often a grandfather's clock of different sized cogs in terms of variable and fixed costs; and how this can be used to prove in sums how you are going to do all of the above.

Although you may think some of the above are generalisations there is a common thread of lessons to be learned from all businesses on how choices can be made to build a successful business strategy. That's what we'll be covering in the workshop but we do appreciate that people will have specific questions . We will be covering those in the workshop but you will also have the opportunity to meet with me afterwards to discuss your business in a surgery at a later date. Perhaps we’ll boil off some salt water while we're doing it?
Oh and by the way for those who are wondering the results varied throughout the class but salt water is about 3.5% salt.

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