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Planning Permission

Find more information on planning permission and how to submit an application

Do I need planning permission?

You may need to apply to the Council for the following types of consent:

  • Planning permission for building works (including new buildings, structures and external alterations, change to ground levels, mining operations and changes of use of land or buildings)
  • Advertisement Consent for new signage
  • Listed Building Consent for external, or internal, alterations to the built fabric of a Listed Building
  • Conservation Area Consent to demolish a building or structure in a Conservation Area (where the structure exceeds 115 cubic metres)
  • Works to any tree(s) covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)
  • Works to any tree(s) within a conservation area 

Deemed advertisement consent

Certain adverts and signs can be erected without the need for Advertisement Consent. These circumstances are set out in Schedules 2 and 3 of the Advertisement Regulations. 

How to apply for planning permission

Application forms are available in two ways:

  • You can print the form and complete it by hand or type your application and then print
    Download an application form  
  • You can call into the public office on Church Street in Newtownards and collect an application form (Due to COVID-19, the public office is closed)

Find more information to guide you on the planning application guidance 


Returning your application for planning permission

For your application to be processed it must be accompanied by the appropriate fee and relevant supporting documentation

Application fees
You can pay your fee:

  • by cheque made payable to Ards and North Down Borough Council
  • by debit or credit card, in person, at our planning offices
  • additional fees/payments due may be made using a credit/debit card over the phone

Completed application forms and fees can be submitted

  • by post (please enclose a cheque made payable to Ards and North Down Borough Council)
  • in person at the public office

 You can't pay a planning application fee or apply for planning permission online.


Find out more about the Planning Department. Alternatively, if you have a specific query email the team.