The Pinnacle Programme

Focusing on business growth this tailored support programme boasts workshops to develop your skills

The Pinnacle Programme focuses on business growth and offers a range of workshops to develop your skills and know how.

Over the past year, the Business Support team at Ards and North Down have been finding out the needs and requirements of local businesses through consultations, one-to-one meetings, focus groups and online surveys.

The Programme aims to address these needs through interactive training modules in business networking, marketing techniques and practical workshops to develop and grow your online presence.  

The training modules are used to assist you to improve processes and performance to achieve sustainability and long-term growth. Attending will also give you the opportunity to network with business people from across the Borough, share ideas, raise your profile and develop business opportunities.   

Our 2018-2019 Pinnacle programme has now come to an end and our team is already working on designing the 2019-2020 programme which will commence in September/October 2019.  

Which workshop is best for you?

Browse below and book a space on one of Pinnacle's workshops to enhance your learning and skills in order to help grow your business.