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Creative Vision -“Using Humour to Sell”

Hear how humour in both marketing collateral and business promotion is not only an often overlooked approach to reaching a new market but also one that has proven very effective in business growth for the speaker of this webinar.

About the event

There are many ways to get your product or service to stand out. The starting points are typically having strong images and text to promote and market your business. However, despite being something that is universal and generally embraced in at least some aspects of our life by everyone, humour is often left out of our promotional and marketing campaigns. Humour is a platform on which we can connect with markets across divides of generation and nationality. This event will feature a presentation by a professional comedian. It will address the light-hearted nature of humour while looking at how it can have real and genuine benefits from a business perspective.

What will attendees get from the event:

This novel event will offer attendees a new perspective on how to promote their products and services while also providing attendees with a webinar experience characterised by humour, and engaging content.

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9 February 2022 10:00 – 11:30