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Creative Vision -"Networking The Creative Industries”

This event will offer engaging and innovative approaches to how businesses can engage in on online world.

About the event

Using a purpose-built online networking platform, this event will not only be themed around networking the creative industries but will...

...offer engaging and innovative approaches to how businesses can engage in on online world

The Covid period of the last 18 months has seen business engagement and networking change dramatically. In tandem, the accelerated development and adoption of technology had facilitated this change. This event aims to utilise a purpose-built online platform for the purposes of providing the creative businesses from Ards and North Down with an effective online networking event.

What will attendees get from the event?

Attendees will be part of an online networking event designed exclusively for the creative industries. The event will be facilitated by a networking expert and will utilise purpose built online platform to make the most out of everything that the digital world can offer in networking. Attendees can expect a presentation on approaches to effective networking as well as break out rooms and a chance to meet fellow creatives for the purposes of collaboration, business development, partnering and meaningful networking.

It is entirely at the Council’s discretion to accept registrations. Registrations from companies outside the Borough may be considered in exceptional circumstances and at the entire discretion of the council.

Please note that by registering onto this event, you agree to share your name, company name and objectives with the third party delivery agent. The information you provide will not be routinely shared with a third party outside of these webinars.

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Event Details

16 March 2022 10:00 – 11:30