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Creative Vision -“Cyber Security for your Creative Business”

Learn why digital security is becoming more important for local creative entrepreneurs as many businesses attempt to digitise elements of their business

About the event

Awareness of Cyber Crime has become crucial for any developing business. This has only been exasperated by the recent pandemic, lockdown and working from home. This event will provide an overview on cyber security and how it relates directly to the creative industries. The session will feature a Q&A with an industry expert in Cyber Security.

What will attendees get form the event?

Attendees will come away from the event with:

  • A clear understanding of what cyber security is and what it means for your business.
  • An overview of available supports to help address cyber security issues.
  • A better understanding of how potentially vulnerable local SME’s are to cyber crime.

It is entirely at the Council’s discretion to accept registrations. Registrations from companies outside the Borough may be considered in exceptional circumstances and at the entire discretion of the council.

Please note that by registering onto this event, you agree to share your name, company name and objectives with the third party delivery agent, NI Cyber Security. The information you provide will not be routinely shared with a third party outside of these webinars.

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Event Details

16 February 2022 10:00 – 11:30