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Creative Vision - "Creative Rules for Optimising Engagement”

Hear from a member of the ‘Facebook Client Council’ on how the evolving software of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp can be used to optimise engagement with your businesses market.

About the event

This webinar is for creative businesses that would like to learn how to utilise their creativity to optimise their experience of social media. The event will be delivered by a leading industry professional who will look at how optimising engagement can add value to customers interactions. It will illustrate how creative businesses can segment, target and track customer journeys across channels, while providing insight on how to create better customer experiences that can lead to business growth.

What will attendees get from the event?

Attendees will receive information on the upcoming supports available to creative businesses in the Borough through both the Creative Vision programme as well as an overview of AND supports for local businesses. Businesses will come away with a clear outline of applicable rules that can be used towards current configuration of popular online platform for the purposes of optimising meaningful engagement with potential customers.

Attendees will come away from this event with first-hand knowledge of what support worked for some of their fellow local creative businesses as well as what didn’t work. You will hear how practical and available advice and support can bring real change to your business. Topics of discussion will include what platforms have suited some businesses over others, how to price products and services and the importance of customer service.It is entirely at the Council’s discretion to accept registrations. Registrations from companies outside the Borough may be considered in exceptional circumstances and at the entire discretion of the council.

Please note that by registering onto this event, you agree to share your name, company name and objectives with the third party delivery agent, Des Mulholland. The information you provide will not be routinely shared with a third party outside of these webinars.

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Event Details

27 October 2021 10:00 – 12:30