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Creative Vision - "Creative Packaging”

Learn how a creative approach to packaging can help further market and promote your business while being an effective medium to demonstrate your brand to your customers.

About the event

A vital part of any successful E-Commerce venture is addressing the packaging of products. A creative approach to packaging cannot just save on overheads but can say something about your brand. Taking a sustainably approach to packaging or making the un-boxing of a product an event in itself are some of the current approaches to packaging that are proving effective. This webinar will feature presentations on how local businesses can approach packaging as well as have an opportunity to directly put questions to an industry expert.What will attendees get from the event:

Businesses that attend this webinar will come away with a strong understanding of what can and cannot be achieved with packaging, what are the overheads and how to budget and price accordingly. The event will address what a business should be thinking about when it comes to packaging needs, from what is and is not allowed by shipping companies to what is readily available locally.

It is entirely at the Council’s discretion to accept registrations. Registrations from companies outside the Borough may be considered in exceptional circumstances and at the entire discretion of the council.

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3 February 2022 10:00 – 11:30