Creating AR and VR Experiences in your Business

This webinar is organised and run as part of the Digital Growth Programme. Learn about virtual reality and augmented reality and the content you can create using these to promote your business.

Event Details

7 July 2020 10:00 – 12:00


About the event

This workshop will be delivered by Thomas McVea. Thomas is a specialist 360VR photographer with over 10 years’ experience in creating photorealistic 360° VR content for many industry sectors. He is the Founder & Principal Photographer of the most visited independent travel and tourism portal for Northern Ireland -

This workshop will include:

• Definitions - What is VR, What is AR?

• Examples - Types of real-world content examples that fall under the VR umbrella

• A focus on 360VR photo & video - the most readily accessible form of VR.

• Uses - How can the content be used. What businesses can benefit from engaging in VR

• Process and equipment – Brief overview

• Q&A’s