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Intertrade Ireland's dedicated Brexit team can provide information on funding, details of upcoming events and an online learning tool.

Intertrade Ireland Brexit Advisory Service

 InterTrade Ireland helps companies to prepare for the British exit from the EU through a range of supports and services suited to all businesses; no matter what stage they are at with their Brexit plans.

The Brexit Advisory service offers information and support through voucher funding, a tailor-made on-line learning tool, a tariff checker, glossary of key Brexit terminology, research, networking and information events.

For more information, contact their Brexit team on 028 3083 4100 



Intertrade Ireland is offering two vouchers to cross-border traders.

The first voucher is the 'Planning Voucher' which provides 100% financial support up to £2,000/€2,250 (inclusive of VAT) towards professional advice to help businesses to identify Brexit exposure and to plan. 

The second voucher is the 'Implementation Voucher' which provides financial support up to £5,000/€5,625 (inclusive of VAT), with InterTradeIreland paying 50%. This will allow businesses to implement critical changes making them better prepared to deal with a new trading relationship.

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Bitesize Brexit

The bitesize Brexit content is designed to give you quick practical online steps to help you get prepared for Brexit.

There are 4 sections:

1. Getting Prepared for Brexit - this stage covers key information, VAT and duties, preparing for customs and transit procedures

2. Getting Orders Brexit Ready - this stage includes getting deliveries ready, planning the journey, completing customs declarations and checking industry - specific standards are met. 

3. Getting Transit Brexit Ready - this stage covers transit declarations, documents and import VAT and duties. 

4. Post Brexit Ready - this stage includes how to keep records

                                                                Access Bitesize Brexit

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Tariff Checker

In the event of a no-deal Brexit the tariffs that the EU have registered with the World Trade Organisation would likely be applied to goods entering Ireland from Northern Ireland. The UK Government have indicated that it will not apply tariffs in the first instance to goods entering Northern Ireland from Ireland. This would be an interim measure only.

Find out more about tariff codes and the tariffs applied to various products:    

Tariff Checker

Bitesize Supply Chain

A UK exit from the EU could be particularly challenging for businesses in Ireland and Northern Ireland. If you own a business there are actions that you can do to protect your supply chains to put you in the best position possible as we move towards Brexit.

Intertrade Ireland created free bitesize supply chain supports to help you identify where your key risks are and why you should start mapping your supply chain.

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View the supply chain